Solutions to hypertension? ADD? Dyslexia? | Dr. Dana Churchill’s Crazy Past ⇒ Stepping Stone?

Dr. Churchill’s Crazy Past ⇒ Stepping Stone?

How did he find solutions to hypertension? ADD? Dyslexia? Stress & Tension?

Dr. Dana Churchill learned about Functional Medicine & Naturopath because of his crazy past?

Do you need to take medicine for your high blood pressure? Are you facing too much pressure and stress in life? We’d like to invite you to watch Dr. Dana Churchill’s interesting story to see how he got over his crazy past and experiences the deepest peace in life now.

Here are some highlights:

At age 15, in the seventies, I was diagnosed with Hypertension and I was trying to find out what was wrong with me when I had a healthy lifestyle.

After all kinds of tests, they call what I had “benign hypertension” and I have to take all kinds of medicine and supplements to deal with it.


In Finland, at age 16, I learned how to drink and started to party at a very young age.

Then I got into restaurant business and worked under the table for fun.

By 27, 28, I’m working 80, 90 hours a week, facing lots of pressure and tension.

I went to the bootcamp learning restaurant management. and worked as hard as I party.

This past is crazy but it’s a beautiful stepping stone to where I am now.

I went to Atkin’s and was on different supplements.

I took the supplement then did what I wanted to do. Later on, I needed to take multiple medicine for my high blood pressure when my lifestyle was very stressful.

When I went to the pharmacy in New York, I saw a big buff guy in his twenties filling my prescription. And I said, I’m gonna be that guy and get off the blood pressure medicine.

(They called me “Big Bird” in high school which I hated. I was 6’2” 175 lbs, sickly and could’t gain an ounce of weight.)

At Atkin’s, it’s similar to what naturopaths do but maybe only 10%.  We do a lot more than just nutraceutical. Back then, it’s called Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine.

I burned out in my 30s. I could hardly work, and I didn’t want to go to high end dining rooms in France and Switzerland because it’s too stressful.

My parents are IVY League Academics and want us to learn how other cultures live. We lived in Finland for a year and one summer we toured everywhere and ate in different restaurants.

Later, I went to culinary school for two and half years and we won competitions at the hotel shows. I had to hang out with the who’s who, witnessed the heyday of Studio 54. I told God, this is my life, I am going to do it this way and nothing can stop me. Well, you know how that works.

By the time I was 30, sometimes I was literally on my couch looking at the kids outside playing, wondering if I’m able to do that again. When I watched a scary movie or even the news, my heart started freaking out just because of a little bit of stress. (Some of my patients will pass out when they go to Macy’s with the perfumes in the air because of their immune system and hormones.)

I was more and more depressed and both of my parents told me to go back to school. I did, and I cleaned up my lifestyle but still got a lot of health problems. When I was about 30, 31, I found a meditation practice which made my blood pressure go normal within 3 or 4 months, and felt deep peace in my life for the first time ever. What is it? Please watch my video and find out.