I have been under Dr. Churchill’s care for about a month now and am looking and feeling better everyday. I was exhausted all the time and just felt like I had no energy. I would make time to work out and couldn’t shed 1 pound. I had heard about optimal health and had even called before but I never followed through. This time I was in the worst shape ever and decided to make an appt. Dr. Churchill did blood tests and started me on a cleanse to clean out any excess candida in my body. I lost 5 lbs in the first week or two and just started feeling better day by day. Once my results came back, I started a diet and vitamins to get my hormones and body back in order. I have more energy day by day and my weight loss has been steady. Overall, I’ve had the best results here at this clinic and Dr. Churchill and his staff and very easy to work with. Thanks team!