My food allergies were out of control

I had hives for over a year. I felt low-energy but hyper during the day, couldn’t sleep well at night. My food allergies were out of control. I’d been to an MD allergist, whose only advice was to take antihistamines like Benadryl or Zyrtec, which I didn’t tolerate well. “These things usually resolve themselves,” he had told me. They didn’t.

When I went for the uptake interview with Dr. Churchill, I was very impressed. He knew exactly what I was talking about and was upbeat about a plan to take care of my problems. I took the nutritional supplements he recommended and my symptoms began to ease off. I felt less hyper and was sleeping better. My hives didn’t stop immediately but I began to have hope. After testing showed my testosterone levels were low, he suggested I try hormone therapy. I resisted because I hate getting injections. We continued the supplements for several months.

On a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July I had a couple of bad outbreaks of hives. When I returned to LA I started hormone injections. Three weeks later I was feeling quite a bit better and my hives had stopped. Another three weeks and I was nearly back to normal, my old self. Now, four months after starting hormone therapy, I feel GREAT! Thank you, Dr. Churchill, for getting me back on track to excellent health and a better future. Your clinic isn’t called Optimal Health and Wellness for nothing!
Tay L.
Los Angeles, CA