I would strongly recommend Dr. Churchill for his great treatment for my Hashimoto’s disease. I have started treatment in March of 2018 and I am so happy with the results. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s  hypothyroidism in early 2000 and since than suffering with fatigue, mood swings, and worst of all constant weight gain without changing eating habits, and sluggishness. Living and working in South East Asia, Singapore- for the last 13 years also was not helping to keep up with the most current findings and treatments, Dr Churchill shared with me.  Rather than isolating thyroid function alone, or looking only into T3 and T4 hormone mcg(s), Dr. Churchill looked into overall immune system and how to heal it first holistically. He did comprehensive evaluation through blood work and recommended treatment that focuses first to make balance of overall hormones such as estrogen and testosterone among others and prescriptions in combination with other supplements, most importantly many homeopathic. I am feeling so much better- my energy, clarity and overall stamina has improved. I will be continuing treatment with Dr Dana while back in Singapore as well as once back in LA in December.