Review by Hannah B. Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA


For many years, I experienced hypothyroidism symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, low energy and depression. My puffy face and body inflammation from Hashimotos swelling would continue for months, and my endocrinologist at the time kept increasing my synthroid dose that did not seem to help my symptoms at all. I was on a downhill spiral until I met Dr. Churchill who gave me hope.

During my first office visit with Dr. Churchill, he immediately converted my synthroid dose to T3 and was able to provide supplemental support for all my symptoms. He reassured me that these symptoms were not in my head when my former endocrinologist didn’t believe my symptoms, and ordered an array of labs including a food allergy panel to help assess what triggered these unbearable symptoms. That very first next day of starting a different medication, I felt better! For the first time in over 2 years, I felt like myself again: mentally, emotionally and physically. I can now function at work, and enjoy my time after hours without feeling like every step I take is a burden. It’s a wonderful feeling not to trip over my own feet due to sluggishness.

After a years time, I am no longer taking thyroid medicine at all! I look forward to continuing health guidance with Dr. Churchill. He saved my perspective on life and I’m so thankful! He is also always looking to expand his knowledge with seminars and current new medicine: both naturopathic and conventional. I will never see another doctor again!