Not only is my illness better, but all my vitals are better

Dr. Churchill,  So much I could say – you have been most wonderful to me and I feel “back to normal” now.

“I felt like I could TRUST my doctor once again.  Dr. Churchill is professional, involved and comforting – just like you what you want when you are sick.  I choose Dr. Churchill from an internet search for naturopathic doctors who also had an understanding of western practices, so I did not have to choose what was right for me, but he could choose and guide me.  My illness was very debilitating for about one month, now I am ‘back to normal’ – doing all the activities I was used to doing, working full time and enjoying life once again.  Not only is my illness better, but all my vitals are better.  AND my husband got better…he actually had some vitals that had changed over time and Dr. Churchill has treated him with exceptional speed and success.  Only accolades!”


So how are you doing?  I miss you!

Kathryn Ferrell, Design Manager


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