How Does LIMFA Therapy Impact the Thyroid?

How Does LIMFA Therapy Impact the Thyroid

Cells in your body have a natural electrical charge.  PEMFs work at the cellular level, restoring natural charge to damaged cells.  Limfa therapy also stimulates cellular energy which can reduce inflammation and stimulate production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP promotes cell function, so when levels are low, cells can become damaged and lose their ability to heal. PEMFs can give the cells the energy they require for optimal functioning, especially when thyroid function is low.

Medications taken long term can produce a range of adverse side effects, but it’s often the first course of treatment for thyroid issues.  But since LIMFA  therapy can promote balance in hormone production, regular use can reduce the need for these medications. It’s important, then, to monitor levels with your healthcare provider when using LIMFA treatment on your thyroid to determine if medication dosage could be reduced. 

Thyroxine, which is secreted by the thyroid, stimulates the consumption of oxygen.  When tissues are not properly oxygenated, serious disease, like cancer, can result. Research has shown that LIMFA therapy improves oxygenation to the tissues, thus healing disease.

In addition to stimulating gland function to balance the main thyroid hormones, LIMFA can work on nodules that form on the thyroid gland. Nodules on the thyroid are sometimes cancerous, sometimes not.  Multiple nodules can cause a toxic mulitnodular goiter which quickly leads to other illnesses within the body. LIMFA treatment may help these nodules to shrink or disappear.

Treating nodules as early as possible is important.  The sooner PEMFs are applied, the greater the likelihood that these swollen, inflamed nodules will shrink. This reduces the risk that they’ll turn cancerous, and also provides relief from the discomfort nodules can cause.

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