Managing Menopause for Longevity with Dr. Dana Churchill, ND

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Managing Menopause for Longevity | Hormone Expert Talk With Dr. Dana Churchill, ND Featured on The Epoch Time
The Epoch Time | Frontline Health | May-11-2024
The period marking the conclusion of a woman’s reproductive years, typically occurring between the ages of 45 and 55, signifies a phase when her body undergoes significant hormonal readjustment.
Termed the climacteric period, this transition often manifests with symptoms such as night sweats, weight fluctuations, cognitive fogging, and mood swings, which can adversely impact a woman’s quality of life. Even after menstruation stops, hormonal fluctuations persist, potentially elevating the risk of conditions like osteoporosis and certain cancers.
“A lot of women are very thin and their bones are going to become fragile,” said Dr. Dana Churchill, a naturopath, nutritionist, and medical director of The Churchill Center.
Dr. Churchill uses proactive measures at his clinic to mitigate these risks. One of them is rhythmic bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which aims to restore hormonal balance, enhance well-being and promote longevity.
“You’re getting a full-blown cycle, which gets [you] the benefits of decreasing heart disease, increasing bone density … your energy will be sustained throughout the day,” said Dr. Churchill.
Join us as Dr. Churchill explains the benefits of rhythmic plant-based HRT therapy and the nuances of balancing out your hormone levels.
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