Naturopath, AntiAging, Regenerative + Functional Med.

Dr. Churchill’s art of medicine: combining Naturopath, AntiAging, Regenerative & Functional Med.

How did Dr. Churchill master the art of medicine:  physically, mentally & emotionally, combining Naturopath, Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Med.

Here is more of Dr. Churchill’s interesting background story. By asking too many questions, Dr. Churchill got a job and turned his life around. He was given the opportunities to learn from the Pioneers & Gurus in the Nutraceutical, Naturopath, Homeopathy, Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine field, “You got to figure out where the patients are stuck physically, mentally, emotionally.”

He got intensive training by the renowned experts and witnessed ways to turn autistic and many health problems around!

Dr. Churchill used to ship vitamins worth a couple millions dollars a year to clients.

Later, Dr. Dana Churchill expanded his vision and horizon by learning from the European experts as well and formed his own system. He calls this “the art of medicine.”

European are doing things very differently, including treating diabetes, and Dr. Churchill learned another 12 tools in Europe.

“We have too many treatments now. We can help so many people of all different budgets.”

Dr. Churchill also uses what works in anti-aging to the pathology realm, “Anti-aging has its own designation of medicine, really looking at all the mechanisms in the body, keeping the telomeres longer, looking at deep genetic issues, and everything possible to help you stay beautiful inside and outside for as long as possible and it really works.”

Stem Cells work great with anti-aging especially with facial, hair restoration, joint injections using the cord blood from placenta.

Dr. Churchill also uses exosomes, PRP, Ozone, B-complex, Peptide…etc.

In short, Dr. Churchill combines anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine and forms his own system since “this is the art of medicine.”