Undiagnosed hypothyroidism for most of her life

From a patient who had undiagnosed hypothyroidism for most of her life and the labs always came back normal.

Hi Dr. Churchill,

Talked to my mom. Some history on her Hashimoto’s…

My mom started having symptoms just like me when she was a few years younger than I am now. But she was also very lethargic and very depressed. She went to the doctor to get her thyroid tested (my gramma has hypothyroidism too and is on Levoxyl – mom is on Synthroid) and they said her numbers were low but she was perfectly fine (just like my numbers were today). So they didn’t treat her. Two years later, she tried to put a necklace on before going out, and her neck was so big that it didn’t fit. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. By then her thyroid was seriously messed up, and now she’s been on Synthroid for 30 years.

My mom said that she’s glad I’m getting the help now and that someone is taking action instead of brushing it off because the numbers are fine. She said she doesn’t want me to wake up one day, 250 pounds, and wonder what the heck happened.

So, thank you for dealing with me even though I didn’t like hearing that I needed to take the T3. Gotta nip this in the bud before I wake up 250 pounds with adrenals and a thyroid that has given up on me.

From S.R.  in Long Beach CA.