Suffering from hypoglycemia for 12 years!

I have been suffering from hypoglycemia for 12 years!!!! I had to force-feed myself
every 30 minutes sometimes!!! I’ve been to every kind of doctor you can think of- naturopaths, allergists, maybe 25 different endocrinologists, acupuncturists, herbologists, chiropractors, and the list goes on. The western doctors were the worst-so focused on how my labs look “normal” and that I need anti-depressants because it was “all in my head.” Then, of course, rushing me out of their office.

I told him my symptoms, which had rendered me housebound for the last two years and confounded every other doctor,  and he suggested it might be food allergies/sensitives.
I got a blood test where they tested me for virtually every food. Turns out I’m
allergic to almost everything!  I stopped eating those foods and I can’t tell
you how much better I feel!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops for all you
hypoglycemia sufferers out there!! I no longer have to keep food in my purse, my
car, my nightstand! I’m FREE!!!! But my work is not over yet. Dr, Churchill is clearing out my heavy metals, candida, parasites, and rebuilding my digestive system. It’s so nice to be able to function again.

Meeting Dr. Churchill was a totally different experience. He was so incredibly present and compassionate. He heard every word I said and took on my case with a kind of caring and determination I had not yet seen in any other practitioner. He is totally available to his patients and to put it simply, he cares about his patients getting well much more than he cares about making money off them. I can’t say enough about him.


S.M. Venice, CA