Patient taking thyroid medication for over 10 years

My wife has been seeing Dr. Dana Churchill for over 6 months. He’s a blessing. We couldn’t be any happier with the results of his treatment.

She suffered from an extremely slow thyroid and she had been taking thyroid medication for over 10 years. We saw several doctors and tried everything we could so that she could have a normal life. But there were challenges. There were days where she couldn’t get out of bed. She gained weight and she suffered from major mood swings. But my wife wasn’t lazy. She barely ate to try to control her weight but it didn’t work. She tried to work out to increase her activity and relieve stress but nothing worked, except for the pills that she took.

We saw several traditional doctors and all their treatments were the same, more pills and surgery to remove the thyroid. All of them seemed like they didn’t understand what my wife was going through. But then we met Dr. Churchill.

In our first meeting, we saw that he was different. He immediately understood what my wife was going through and it was as if he was finishing her sentences when she described what she felt. His treatment was irregular, consisting of a complete change of diet and lifestyle. As difficult as it was for my wife, she stuck with the program and 6 months later, she’s lost 25 pounds (without doing any exercise) and she’s the same woman I met 9 years ago, full of energy and joy. Best of all, she’s even off of her thyroid mediation.

If you decide to work with Dr. Churchill, the best advice I can give is to stick with his plan. We’re all human and we may want to have a cheat day but don’t do it. It can be challenging but listen to what he says. He’s not about giving you a prescription to give you a pill that will mask your problem.  He’s about prescribing a treatment that will fix you forever.

I highly recommend Dr. Churchill!

M.F. Pasadena, CA