I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005, at fifty years old

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005, at fifty years old.  Although I was careful to exclude grains from my diet, I slowly became reactive to more foods.  in 2016 I began to experience a severe rash, which a dermatologist treated with Dapsone and steroids.  I felt my health was declining, and my primary physician didn’t seem to have any answers.  I was looking for a specialist treating mast cell diseases, but both facilities in California were geographically inconvenient.

I found Dr. Churchill in the fall of 2018. I explained my health issues, and he said he thought he could help me.  By the time I saw him,  my diet was extremely limited, I had very low energy and poor concentration.  Dr. Churchill believed my mast cell disorder was not a  primary issue, but resulting from other auto-immune issues.  He started me on supplements, vitamin I.V’s, and blood ozone treatments.  I started feeling better right away and profoundly better over the next year.  I also received umbilical stem cells.  I was slowly able to add more foods to my diet without symptoms.


I am so grateful to have found Dr. Churchill


I also received umbilical stem cell injections to treat pain and inflammation in my lower back, which I broke in 2009, and my knees with meniscus tears.    This treatment alleviated my early morning back pain, and my knees are much better.  An orthopedist had recommended surgery on my right knee, which is now unnecessary.

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Churchill. He has also helped friends and family members.   He is always available, intuitive, attentive, and my health has improved significantly since I’ve been in his care.

Susan Creager