Having a major breakthrough

(after 10 years of battling)

Great Naturopath:

I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the care and expertise that Dr. Dana Churchill has demonstrated to me. I am still a fairly new patient but have experienced significant improvement already in a one month period. I have been to every doctor you can think of including other Naturopaths and not one of them has fully grasped my condition and what my needs have been, except Dr. Churchill. He is completely attentive, thorough, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. Although some of these treatments are very new to me I have a sense of confidence and certainty that I’m finally in the process of having a major breakthrough (after 10 years of battling). One thing I know for sure he won’t let me get away without finding a way to help. For that, I am grateful, very grateful.

Y.E. Palmdale, CA