Eczema since childhood.  It became worse, especially on my face and hands

I have had eczema since childhood.  It became worse, especially on my face and hands, in my adulthood and I began seeing allergists and dermatologists regularly.  I was taking inhaled, oral, topical, and injectable medications yet nothing ever really seemed to control the problem.  I felt like results I was getting didn’t justify the number of medications I was taking.  There had to be a better way.  I began to do my own research – I stopped all medications and tried a gluten-free diet with no results. I began to see an acupuncturist and eventually found naturopathic medicine.  I liked the idea of using natural substances to not only address a disease process but to fix it.

By a lucky twist of fate, I stumbled upon Dr. Dana Churchill.  My first consultation with him was like no other that I had had with previous doctors.  He asked questions about not just my skin, but about me, my personality.  We discovered some triggers for my eczema flare-ups and talked about how food could be involved.  He suggested some dietary supplements to help restore the gastrointestinal tract and procedures to support the immune system.  Most importantly he suggested a homeopathic remedy that would eventually change the “terrain” of my body.  After about a month of tiny amounts of the remedy, the dose was increased.  After the increase, the results were amazing.  I could feel the itch dissipate first.  Then the redness and swelling disappeared and was replaced by extremely dry, flakey, non-itchy skin.  My skin flaked and peeled for about 3 days.  What emerged was the best skin I have had in years, especially on my hands and face.

Dr. Churchill has been amazing from the start.  He answered my initial email immediately and spoke with me for a brief phone consultation.  Not only had he read my entire multi-paged history, but he had already begun to formulate a treatment plan even before our first meeting.  His interest in really helping his patients, and not just their problems, was clear from the beginning.  He is an intelligent and genuinely compassionate doctor who has dedicated himself to finding solutions to disease by treating the whole person.  The quality of my life has improved tremendously since I have begun seeing Dr. Churchill – my skin is healing and I feel wonderful!

Mil gracias!