Detox with amazed at the results so far

Hi Dr. Churchill:

I could not believe the scales this morning 169, it seems that I am melting away and I love it.

I started the pills on Friday but waited until I got back from San Diego on Monday to start the drinks and tea and I am amazed at the results so far.  My swollen ankles are down for the first time in years.  I am feeling pretty well, a little tired and drained and light-headed, but otherwise great.  I have not even changed my diet that much yet as I had a steak and desserts over the weekend.

This is the first detox I’ve done that doesn’t taste bad and make me feel really bad.  I am truly amazed at the results so far.  You are awesome (but I guess you’re used to hearing that!!)

You’ll probably get an appointment from the lady that I pet sit for in Bel Air,  cause she is amazed at how I’m looking and feeling.

Thanks again,

V. Los Angeles, CA