Completed HCG diet I immediately started working out

Charlotte F  HGH homeopathic grade testimonial

Hello Dr. Churchill,

I have been wanting to give you an update on the homeopathic HGH spray I’ve been taking, I promised I would! I have been holding off giving a report because I am just not sure if I am seeing a difference or not so giving it as much time as possible to evaluate. It is hard to tell because so much changed at one time. After I completed the HCG diet I immediately started working out and of course am 10 lbs lighter then before. I am working out much more regularly, so my conditioning should improve. But I have been taking the spray very regularly 2 times per day, once in the am. and once just before bed. I’ve only missed a few times, trying to be diligent. With that I can report the following:

I feel much stronger on the mountain bike, and am more easily riding up things (hills, rocks, etc.). I am also considerably faster, and this is quite noticeable. I seem to have more muscle tone too. My “belief” is that it is helping and is making a difference in my strength and tone
I hope you are well.

Charlotte F