Some People Just Can’t Lose Weight—Here’s Why | With Dr. Dana Churchill, ND

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Weight gain, hair loss, a constant feeling of fatigue and apathy—the cause of these symptoms may be a malfunction of the thyroid gland. But often this problem is caught too late.
“[There is] an epidemic of subclinical hypothyroidism,” said Dr. Dana Churchill, a naturopath, nutritionist and director of The Churchill Center.
While today’s main test used to analyze thyroid function is the Thyroid-Stimulating-Hormone (TSH) level, Dr. Churchill says this may not reflect the true situation of the thyroid.
“It won’t be representative of your entire body. This would only be representative of an ideal area where the TSH would be near normal most of the time, leaving the brainstem, into the pituitary gland.”
He believes it is necessary to take a more comprehensive approach to thyroid testing, such as examining laboratory data, interviewing the patient, palpating the thyroid gland, measuring body temperature, and assessing bowel function.
“This is really very important for the thyroid because a lot of the autoimmunity that the body creates or chemicals that are heavy metals or things like that in the body is created in the gut.”
Join us for an expert talk on thyroid health and learn how Dr. Churchill is helping his patients.
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