Naturopathic Medicine is a Health-Oriented System

Naturopathic medicine is a health-oriented system which stresses maintenance of health, wellness and prevention of disease. The naturopathic physician is trained in finding the underlying cause rather than treating or suppressing the symptoms of disease. Symptoms in of themselves are bad but need to be resolved. They will present a road map for the naturopathic doctor to follow to the root source of the issue. They are part of a constructive phenomenon that is the best choice the organism can make given the circumstances. In this construct, the role of the physician is to aid the body in its efforts, not to take over the functions of the body.

Naturopathic physicians are general family practitioners who utilize conventional diagnostic procedures and cutting edge tools such as physical exam, laboratory work, imaging, and referral to specialists when appropriate. We believe the human body is designed to heal. Our focus is on maintenance of health and prevention of illness rather than the treatment of disease. If disease treatment is necessary, we attempt to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism with safe, natural, non-toxic, non-invasive materials and methods. We also believe that the essence of health is balance.

Like conventional physicians, naturopathic physicians are licensed primary care physicians in many states in the country including California. They are trained and skilled in conventional medical sciences and technologies such as diagnosis, physical exams, lab tests, x-rays, pharmaceutical prescriptions. Unlike conventional physicians, they are also trained and licensed in the use of natural medicines and procedures which are noninvasive, non-toxic, safe and effective. As specialists in natural medicine, we are uniquely schooled to treat disease and restore health by using natural therapies such as clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, enzymes, glandulars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, food extracts, counseling and lifestyle modification, physical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and natural childbirth. The scope of diseases treatable with Naturopathic medicine has no limitations. Short term problems such as infections of the ear, throat, lungs, bladder, skin, etc. are successfully treated everyday by Naturopathic physicians. Even more important is the prevention of, relief from, and reversal of chronic, serious, degenerating or terminal illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cervical dysplasia, malignant diseases, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, chronic headaches, allergies.

Like conventional physicians, naturopathic physicians are licensed primary care physicians in many states in the country including California

In practice, naturopathic physicians perform physical examinations and laboratory tests, and utilize X-rays and other diagnostic procedures similar to conventional doctors. They may also choose to perform nutritional, dietary, and digestive assessments, and inquire into the patient’s mental and emotional well-being. The patient’s diet, environment, exercise, stress and other aspects of lifestyle are also evaluated. And always, the patient is acknowledged as a participant in the healing process. Choosing a naturopathic physician does not mean disavowing conventional medicine. What it does mean is that you are choosing a doctor who understands and combines the best of what all forms of medicine has to offer. ND’s collaborate with all other branches of medicine, referring patients to appropriate specialists for their diagnosis or treatment whenever appropriate.

At the Churchill Center Dr. Churchill assesses each patient as a integrated whole. All parts are vitally interconnected. The symptoms are not the enemy. Each symptom is to be used in looking for the underlying cause of disease or condition. A diagnosed condition is only a name of a constellation of symptoms that is the body’s most benign way of saying . “Help me.” Dr. Churchill has been able to assist in the healing process of many “serious diagnosed” conditions and diseases because he does not get hung up on lab results and diagnoses. These are used as a start but then the real work starts to find out what is causing them. Sometimes in seeking the correct homeopathic medicine the first consolation can last up to two hours to get the exact information needed, and usually on the same visit he will do lab work to assess the functional medicine parameters as well.

Dr. Churchill specifically excels in two areas homeopathic or energetic medicine and functional medicine and the key to this is knowing and understanding which labs to use for each patient when addressing the functional medicine aspect of his practice and then finding the perfect homeopathic medicine to complement the treatment used from referring functional medicine lab work.

Each patient is an individual and each course of diagnosis and treatment are on a totally individual level. Dr. Churchill has researched hundreds of lab companies and now after six years uses labs that tests samples from stool, hair, urine, saliva and blood. He can pick out a needle from a hay stack with these labs. Once he finds the root cause(s) he can then employ any method of treatments using: homeopathic medicine, personalized compounded botanical tinctures and teas, nutraceuticals, super foods, diet and nutrition, hormones, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, constitutional hydrotherapy, castor oil packs, far infrared sauna treatment, regenerative medicine, ozone therapy, IV and peptide therapies…

Each patient is an individual and each course of diagnosis and treatment are on a totally individual level