Weight Loss, Thyroid Dysfunction, Anti-Aging, Stem Cells & more

Are you dealing with hormone changes in your life that’re overwhelming?

Dr. Churchill helps so many women from huddling in the corner crying to superwomen from 4 to 8 weeks, “I love that transition. They are so happy & so thankful.”

Dr. Churchill fixed their hormones, cleaned up their diet & lifestyles.

Do you know that your saliva tests can show very accurate hormone numbers, and then see women’s reproductive & breast health figures?

Here is more info:

**Weight Loss

“We have a lot of great weight loss systems: HCG, ketogenic weight loss, Phentermine, & mix-and-match of anti-aging and pathology methods.”

“It’s not about starvation or anything like that. We have very good systems that help you lose weight gradually, sometimes pretty fast with HCG.  You can lose a pound a day on HCG but it’s going to taper off after 20, 30 days. Then we might stop and move on to another cycle but I’m going to give you the nutrition you need to keep your body healthy while you’re doing that and you’re going to love it…and we got to help people keep it off.”


**Men’s Health

“The sperm’s count down the testosterone count is like half of what it was, like 40, 50 years ago.

And I’ve got guys coming into my office with the testosterone of 107. It should be about 800, 900 or even 1000. And some of these guys aren’t that old so this is getting scary. I don’t know what’s going on in society…We run labs every 3 months. We make sure we checked out the numbers carefully. And then what we’ll do is we’ll do one of the peptides that raises growth hormone naturally…It helps boost your immune & endocrine system…… I will fix systems under those two and when those two are fixed, literally everything is fixed.”

When your hormones are off, you feel horrible.


**Thyroid Dysfunction/Pathology

“Recently we’ve seen a lot of hyper(thyroidism) than we’ve ever seen. I used to see on 1 every 5 years. Now. I’ve seen 4 or 5 a year. That’s definitely from chemicals and toxicity in the environment.”

Hoshimoto, is a really serious form of hypothyroidism where your body is getting attacked by your own immune system.

And autoimmunity is what’s been on the rise a lot in the last 10-15 years because all the chemical, toxicity, all the allergies, the stress, and the gut, “the human biome information is going to be like a thousand times more important human genome. We will figure out all the different flora in your gut, how much they’re supposed to be in all the different types. That’s basically going to tell us how to treat you. We’re going to treat you very scientifically….And a lot of your hormones are made in the gut, a lot of your neurotransmitters are made there, so that’s something we’re going to go look at right away.”

Dr. Churchill has a lot of success in helping people with thyroid problems, including Hoshimoto.