Hashimoto’s Disease Symptoms, Treatments, Diet, Reverse & more

Hashimoto’s Disease Symptoms, Treatments, Diet, Reverse it & more | https://theChurchillCenter.com

Dr. Churchill helps patients completely break out of Hashimoto’s Disease.

You can’t remember anything? Feeling so tired and frustrated to find the keys or open the door that you can’t really function? Gaining weight quickly for no reason?

Spend 10 minutes, watch this clip, and learn from Dr. Churchill sharing his expertise on Hashimoto’s Disease and Thyroid Problems.

Some topics include:

How long does it take to reverse it?

Should we eradiate our thyroid? Why weet is so detrimental?

Can Hashimoto’s disease be reversed? Yes!

What triggers Hashimoto’s disease? A lot of reasons such as allergies, dysfunctional gut flora, toxic chemicals (i.e. mercury), severe anger, eating raw broccoli…etc.

What are the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease?

Hair falls out, swelling thyroid, feeling down, can’t remember things, the auto-immune system isn’t working, can’t function…etc.

What are the treatments?

After taking lab tests, Dr. Churchill will help you fix the diet, get rid of the stress, alcohol, caffeine…and more.

Should we eradiate our thyroid?

Can people with Hashimoto’s disease lose weight?

Weet V.S. Thyroid. Why is weet so detrimental? Weet is adulterated, genetically modified, and has the same molecule DNA as thyroid receptor.


Let’s learn from Dr. Dana Churchill whose specialties include Homeopathy, Nutraceutical, Diet & Exe., Naturopath, Stem Cells, AntiAging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine.