Stem Cell Research and development is this century’s quest for the Holy Grail as the price of admission to a life eternal. According to Dr. Ernst Schwarz, M.D. esteemed cardiology specialist in heart transplants. Affiliated with Southern California Hospital at Hollywood and Cedars – Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Schwarz, a pioneer in stem cells applied in treating advanced heart failure and severe injuries says, “The understanding of the stem cell; their existence and their potential application are at the core of human desires.”
There is a consensus among those specializing in the stem cell arena that the pursuit of stem cell scientific study and treatment can already extend life expectancy.
“Stem cell applications may in the foreseeable future circumvent, at least for a significant while, our inevitable demise”, according to the author, Discovery Science Channel expert and Founder of the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research, Vincent Giampapa, M.D. F.A.C.S. Also a co-founder of healthy cell ® the world’s only all-natural supplements created specifically for keeping our bodies stem cells healthy, Giampapa quips, “What was science fiction is now scientific fact”
The search for new stem treatments and cures for chronic diseases associated with aging, healing debilitating injuries and the path to a healthier and more robust lifespan is the super-science of our time. “A science, however, that can be a double-edged ‘lancet’ and is as serious as a heartbeat”, says Dr. Swartz, who plans to attend the 10th Annual Medical Tourism Congress. Stem cell research and treatments can be rife with misinformation and relaxed standards predicated by avarice and ignorance. Advances in bioresearch are also impeded by “Policies and legislation often fraught with special interests. This trend must be superseded by concern for the public’s health and welfare, “insists Eric Funderwhite, Director of NuStem Los Angeles Cellular Therapy Clinic.
Talk about sticker shock. Further compounding domestic advancements the FDA can be excessively risk-averse, imposing dense and vastly expensive clinical trial regulations. Rather than impeding the study of stem cells on an international scale; USA policy has in fact incentivized laboratory and medical research abroad. The wide gap in what persists between the current administration’s official policy regarding stem cell use in the United States and accommodating patient needs is increasingly ameliorated globally.
The potential of creating cognoscente brain matter, instantaneous organ regeneration without rejection or even more cataclysmic; the end of death, as we know it, seemed within the prevue of what was later debunked findings. The S.T.A.P. scandal that ensued with research retracted and it’s lead developmental biologist committing suicide is one more disheartening example of what may happen when scientific research is not impartially vetted or corroborated by one’s peers. What made the C.B.D. claim even more promising was that there was a potential source of stem cells that was not tethered to the typical ethical considerations that thwarted advancements during the George W. Bush Administration. Stem cell engineering raises valid ethical questions that invite the Wisdom of Solomon backed by a team of the world’s leading biomedical scientists and physicians. “The more pernicious quandaries associated with stem cell treatments today are those derived from embryonic stem cell harvesting. The Red Market, referencing the wholesale trade in human organs and gathering stem cells from fetuses is lamentably thriving on the black market and must be stopped at all costs,” insists Dr. Dana Churchill, West Coast Representative of DAFOH, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting and Director of the Pasadena Optimal Health and Wellness Center.


Confirms John Arnone, Founder of American Cryo Stem Corporation and frequent panelist at the World Medical Tourism Congress. The expense of creating a new treatment, the length of time from concept to application and the potential monetary windfall associated with biomedical advancements are compelling reasons to embrace a world view when so much is at stake. Another slippery slope of which there will be no clawback is the bioengineering of the world’s privileged progeny, the science of elite Trans Humanism.


Their labs have developed a patented technology for stem cell extraction primarily from umbilical cord blood; whereby 270 to 350 million stem cells may be extracted per procedure. Utilizing CIKDC immune cells are seeing advancements in the treatment of autism, Parkinson’s injuries and reduction of pain in knees, the back and joints, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. Foremost among the biological beauty breakthroughs is Neocorium, which utilizes a signature stem cell centrifuge refining process to infuse 4500 cc of nine different growth factors and stem cells into their formula. Sandy Dash, of the newly launched Sany Skincare Inc. an upmarket collection of anti-aging skin and body products that are infused with antioxidants, peptides, and plant extracts says she is currently considering a Phase 2 product rollout for Sany Skincare that will include plant-based stem cells. “The evidence is almost indisputable that stem cells in topical products are truly the next gold standard in advanced skincare.” The free, immediate and transparent exchange of information and ease of travel; facilitates the patients seeking treatment and scientists free exchange of information without borders. Dr. Ernst Swartz among others interviewed for this article offered a caveat, “Many clinics here and abroad are offering stem cell therapies that have not undergone the rigorous criteria imposed by the world’s most respected medical institutions in North America and elsewhere. Even in light of the superb facilities available throughout the world; it is paramount that anyone considering stem cell therapy thoroughly scrutinizes the treatment facility and staff before arriving at a decision.” One such avenue to vet the standards adhered to by a particular clinic is found in the scientific publication PUBMED published by the National Institute of Health. “Patients should be especially vigilant when choosing physicians for this type of therapy,” concurs Dr. Giampapa, a recent Nobel Prize nominee for his research in stem cells. Experience the Future – Now at WMTC 2017 When asked what advances in stem cell therapies are on the horizon the answers could best be likened to the parable of the six blind men describing an elephant. Everyone interviewed had a distinct answer. Stem Cell Banking is increasingly becoming a hedge on debilitating, age-related diseases. Dr. Mark Katakowski, President of Forever Labs explains that they created their adult stem cell banking service to address the age-related decline of stem cells. “All things being equal, you are your own best stem cell donor. However, this prospect diminishes with age. Cryopreservation enables us to apply our own youthful.

by Cristian Roget