I just love this expose that I found on  Mary Terhune’s website today! Especially now that there are so many people worldwide that are staying at home without much contact or deeper connections to other human beings while having a serious health concern hanging over their heads 24/7. It prompted me to do a podcast and a blog video. DRC

Dr. Louis Pasteur, the father of the germ theory of disease, had an epiphany on his death bed saying to his friend Dr. Bernard, “Bernard is right, the terrain is everything! The microbe is nothing!”
Hahnemann Revisited, Luc De Schepper, MD,PhD,C.Hom,D.I.Hom,Lic.Ac.

This blasphemy by Pasteur arose in a moment of clarity that germs do not cause disease but rather the terrain of the weakened vital force (flow of consciousness) allows for offending germs to thrive. By strengthening the vital force by removing impediments and obstacles to the flow and treating symptoms, a healthier environment for the cells and tissues will not allow an imbalance of germs to take hold and the system will return to health. The disease is not treated but rather the person who is experiencing symptoms.

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