Review by Rossanny G. Eastside, Las Vegas, NV

OMG!! Dr. Dana is one of the Best doctors in USA. I started to go because I had Thyro problems, and rheumatoid arthritis. I was taking Humira and I started to feel side effects. I am so young to have many problems and taking so strong medicines that I was depress too. So I found Dr Dana and I have been going to his offices (long beach and Pasadena) I don’t care if I have to drive. I am feeling so well. I can say after almost 2 years I DONT HAVE ARTHRITIS !!!!!! Yupieeeee!!! I am so happy 🙂 I can workout a lot!! and I am not moody any more. So talking about doctors he is the best and all his products are natural if you really want to improve your health, first go to his office and second follow strictly his treatment. Believe me you will be really healthy, young, and happy the rest of your life.

Thank you very much for everything that you do for me 🙂
Dr Dana you are the best and God bless you